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Encyclia-K | Catalogue raisonné software

Encyclia-K | Catalogue raisonné software
The inventory of the work.
Additional files.
Manage the illustrations.
Determine the value of the work.
The numbering of the catalogue.
Publish on paper.


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Encyclia-K: publish the catalogue raisonne on paper...

Printed forms, which are perfectly clear and logical, permit you to bring out a catalogue raisonne ready for distribution. They will provide you with the following:
- An inventory of the work
It is numbered in the categories the author established (paintings, works on paper, etchings, etc...). Each work has its own form completed with a picture and the usual zones filled out: description, commentaries, collections, expositions, bibliography and history.
- A chronology of exhibitions
In each exhibition: the list of the works exhibited and commentaries.
- A bibliography
Complete or selective, with the possibility of including commentaries or excerpts.
- A data base of names and themes
Commentaries and cross-references are linked to works or documents.
- An alphabetical list of titles
e.g. "blue Lady (The)".
- Photographers credits...

Encyclia-K: publish the catalogue raisonne on paper...

In addition, various print records for personal use are available. They deal with lists of collectors, of publicauctions, statistics, etc...
The data, which you have entered in to Encyclia-K, can be exported directly in to QuarkXPress™, the standard software used by graphic art professionals, allowing the editor or the auth or himself to run a small or significant number of prints.

The inventory of the workAdditional filesManage the illustrations
Determine the value of the workThe numbering of the catalogue | Publish on paper

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