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Encyclia-A | Artist's Studio software.

Encyclia-A software:
Artist's Studio...

Encyclia-A is the perfect tool for managing your studio. Organize your: address books, correspondence, inventories, previous exhibitions and bibliographies. Manage your accounting (loans, sales, copyrights, bills, etc.).
Encyclia-A provides a complete interconnection between "person" and "artwork" files. For instance: lent, sold, billing, prospects, critics, services, etc. Furthermore, a word processing function inserted into the program permits you to design and edit all your documented papers: letters, bills, labels, press books, artwork forms, etc.

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Users of Ency-G can now view virtual exhibitions in 3D with the Ency-3D* module! Move through a digital recreation of your gallery or fair stand! Preview the look of each room when hung with paintings. Ency-3D, an indispensable aid in preparing your future exhibitions, fairs and salons!

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An Internet site linked to your database!
With this add-on you can make changes to your site yourself. Now you can add or remove works, exhibitions or texts with incredible ease using the information and images already in your database. This feature gives you the unique power to make updates in an instant.
You will never again have to spend tedious hours preparing and sending photos and information to your Internet specialist. From now on, you're free! Stop losing time, money and sleep.
Now you'll be able to send more than a thousand works to your site if you wish!!
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Organize and archive...

Your Inventory in list form.
Description of the works.

Prices &
Voucher for Orders

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Do your accounts...

Movements and Copyrights.
Accounting Tools...


The Address Book.
The Mail...

Manage your Contacts...

Lists according to Roles...

Connect Ency-A to your Internet site!

Automatic updates of your web site
the Send form.
Web site visit
Home page.
Visit (works).
Calendar (exhibitions and events).
Information (biography and general info).
Contact (address form and guest book) .
Example of a site in use

Encyclia-A | Artist's Studio software.
Encyclia manages images in an extremely convenient way.
Works of art are reproduced in high definition Photos.
Links with the Internet have also been created.

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