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Encyclia-G | Art Management software

Encyclia-G software:
manage a gallery of ancient or contemporary Art...

Encyclia-G is the perfect tool for managing the works of art in a gallery or antique shop. Acquisitions, sales, loans, expositions, press books, bills, accounting, mailings, prospective clients. All aspects of a gallery management are simplified and organised by this software.
Encyclia offers you a professional program, which makes data entry fast and easy and finally provides you with a way to computerise the management of your business.

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Users of Ency-G can now view virtual exhibitions in 3D with the Ency-3D* module! Move through a digital recreation of your gallery or fair stand! Preview the look of each room when hung with paintings. Ency-3D, an indispensable aid in preparing your future exhibitions, fairs and salons!

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Integrate your Encyclia database into an Internet site!
Encyclia, offers you a standard site completely integrated into the gallery management program. With this module you’ll no longer need to go through an intermediary! From now on you’ll personally be able to send works, exhibitions, biographies, etc. to your site, without limitations!

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Manage your Inventory...

Your inventory in list form
The list of your Inventory (with thumbnails).
The search engine in your Inventory.
The Print function...
Description of the works
The Description page of the Inventory form.
The Slide Show.
A printout of a form.
An order form for a Service Provider...
The automatic formatting of your images...
An Exhibition form.
A price list...


Prices &
Voucher for Orders 

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88103 Saint-Dié des Vosges
Tel : +33 682 589 337

Do your Accounts...

Movements and Transactions
The Transaction page of the Inventory form.
The form of a Seller.
The form of a Buyer.
Payments (balances of total paid / total received).
Payments concerning a Batch Purchase.
Current accounts
List of Current Accounts.
Accounting Tools
Selection of works sold/acquired.
List of sales with date range.
VAT declaration (Sales Taxes).
Custom Transaction...


The Address Book
The Address Book input form.
Duplicate Entry Detector.
The Search screen.
Prospecting Tools.
The Mail
Create your Print Templates (letters, bills, labels, etc).
Correspondence page...

A word processing function inserted into the program gives you the option to design and edit all your documented papers: letters, bills, labels, press books, etc...

Manage your Contacts...

Lists according to Roles
The files of Roles.
The form of an Artist.
The form of a Consignor.
The form of a Seller.
The form of a Borrower.
The form of a Buyer...

Connect Ency-G to your web site!

Automatic updates of your web site
The sending module.
Web site visit
Welcome screen.
Visit (Works sorted by Artists & Categories).
Calendar (past, present and future events).

Using Encyclia-G as:
Art Management Software.
Art Management and Business Software.
Manage an Art gallery, management Software.
Manage an Antique store (shop) - management Software.
To trade, buy and sell works of Art - management Software.
To trade, buy and sell paintings - management Software.
To trade, buy and sell antiques - management Software.
To trade, buy and sell archaeology - management Software...

High definition photos illustrate the printout of an Inventory form.

Encyclia-G | Art Management software
Encyclia manages images in an extremely convenient way.
Works of art are reproduced in high definition Photos.
Links with the Internet have also been created.

Manage your Inventory | Do your Accounts | Communicate | Manage your Contacts | Connect Ency-G


Encyclia-G | Art Management software. Software for the Art World...
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