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Encyclia-G | Art Management software

Encyclia-G | Art Management software

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Do your Accounts
Movements and Transactions.
Current accounts.
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The Address Book.
The Mail...

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The Encyclia-G Concept...

The Encyclia-Gallery software offers two series of menus that correspond to the two areas of an art dealer's daily activities.

The first series opens files that aid in the organisation and promotion of works.
These are:
- the Inventory file, which describes, organizes and sorts works
- the list of Service Providers, grouping those who occasionally do work for you and the prices of their services
- the list of Critics and their articles
- the list of Artists and index of all related texts
- the Exhibitions with their price lists and Press books

The second series includes files dealing with financial transactions.
These are:
- the list of Consignors who entrust works to you to sell
- the list of Sellers
- the list of Borrowers (loans to colleagues or institutions)
- the list of Buyers, including their tastes and preferences
- Customs Operations and expiration dates
- Current Accounts, to make updates
- the index of Sales/Payments/Invoices, permitting you to view balance sheets.

Several print forms allow you to print forms, lists, receipts, texts, labels or accounting documents at any time.

An Address file linked to a Word Processor allows you to conveniently manage sending invitations, not to mention all of your other correspondence. Sorting tools permit you to target mailings using extremely selective criteria.

To take full advantage of the many powerful tools included in this software, it is important that you take the time to read the entire User's Manual at least once, following along on your computer the different operations described.

Administration of an Internet site
By placing your Internet site on the ENCYCLIA server, you'll also be able to directly administer your personal site using your gallery management software. It's incredibly easy to use and with the ability to modify the content of your site yourself when you want, you'll be be more efficient and spend less!

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