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Encyclia-K Software: Additional files...

An array of links is woven between the bibliography, expositions, the artist's entourage, the collectors and public auctions.
Encyclia-K: Additional files...
The information collected in this file can also be found in the form of each work and vice-versa, avoiding duplicate entries.
Each of the forms can include articles or important texts (in scanned form). The bibliography becomes a library!
The database of names and themes
Retains the list of themes, events or people. Linked to published documents (photos, manuscripts), it enhances and completes the catalogue.
The collections
This file, which keeps track of the history of the whole collection (input-output), permits you to follow the trail of the work. Display of availability (in case of the organisation of an exposition).

The inventory of the workAdditional filesManage the illustrationsDetermine the value of the workThe numbering of the catalogue | Publish on paper


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