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Encyclia-K | Catalogue raisonné software

Encyclia-K | Catalogue raisonné software
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The Encyclia-K Concept...

Encyclia-K helps you with the organisation of drafting and editing a catalogue raisonne, from the input of information to the published edition and the preparation of a digital catalogue raisonne.

The creation of a catalogue raisonne dedicated to the work of an artist requires one to track the impredictable course of its diffusion into the public.
What are the different stages of this diffusion?

Once achieved, works are often photographed. Then the artist naturally tries to exhibit them in order to sell them to institutional or private collectors. Depending on his level of success, his work gives rise to publications. The dispersed works create a market where public auctions play a important role. Lastly, the existence of the artist is marked by different events: his style may evolve, he may get married, it may happen that he changes his address, that he has significant encounters with fellow artists, art critics, etc. All of these different elements make up the artistís history.

In following this same order, you will thus first try to assemble the photos, which will be, by their nature, the basis of the identification of the different works. The listing of the exhibitions will help to establish a chronology in the production. In determining the changing list of the collectors, you will follow the trail of the different works. Completed, if this is possible, by the personal archives of the artist, you will assemble a bibliography, as complete as possible. The descriptions published in the catalogues of the public auctions will indicate to you the fleeting reappearance of works that you were not able to locate. More personal inquiries with respect to the artistís ìcircle and setî will complete this study and shed light on the artistís work from an historical point of view.

In Encyclia-K, these six sources of information correspond to six autonomous files. They are linked to an Inventory file, which centralises and synthesises all of these data.

The files that you will have created can be exported directly into QuarkXPress™, the softwareused by most professionals in the graphic art world when printing a catalogue, it's saving considerable amounts of money when printing limited or important volumes.

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