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Encyclia-G | Art Management software

Encyclia-G | Art Management software

Manage your Inventory
Your inventory in list form.
Description of the works.

Do your Accounts
Movements and Transactions.
Current accounts.
Accounting Tools...

The Address Book.
The Mail...

Manage your Contacts
Lists according to Roles...

Connect Ency-G to your web site!
Automatic updates of your web site.
Web site visit.

Prices &
Voucher for Orders

Encyclia-G Software: Manage your Inventory...


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  Your Inventory in list form
This list contains key information.

Examples of screen:
The list of your Inventory (with thumbnails).
The search engine in your Inventory.
The Print function.

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Description of the works
Data entry is made quick and easy. As soon as the relevant information is entered, you can print the Inventory form of a work, a label, a custom form, etc... and open the Slide Show.

Examples of screen:
The Description page of the Inventory form.
The Slide Show.
A printout of a form.
An order form for a Service Provider.

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The handling of images has been greatly simplified with QuickTime™ technology. The editing of the images is done automatically, as well as the creation of Thumbnails. Your images are kept in a separate folder on your hard disk, in the definition you have chosen, allowing you to use them for other purposes... They can be reproduced in hight-definition photos.

Exemple of screen:
The automatic formatting of your images.

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This file permits you to edit price lists (automatic conversion into Euro is possible), labels, press books, etc...

Examples of screen:
An Exhibition form.
A price list.

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