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Encyclia-G | Art Management software

Encyclia-G | Art Management software

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Lists according to Roles
The General Persons file (or Address Book) is divided into sub-files, which take into account the role each person plays.
The form for each "Actor" contains the updates of relevant data; for instance, the list of useful texts for an Artist, the list of published texts for a Critic, the list of objects a Consignor has deposited at your gallery, the list of objects you have lent to a Borrower, the list of sales you have made to a Buyer or the list of your acquisitions at a Seller.

Examples of screen:
The files of Roles.
The form of an Artist.
The form of a Consignor.
The form of a Seller.
The form of a Borrower.
The form of a Buyer.

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