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Encyclia-C | Private collection and Heritage software

Encyclia-C | Private collection and Heritage software.

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The Encyclia-C Concept...

Encyclia-C was designed for users who know how to start and preserve a private collection or patrimony but who are not necessarily computer specialists.

That is why specialised terminology is not used in the User Manual or on screen. The program follows as closely as possible the various ways in which a work of art may move through your collection, from acquisition, restoration, documentation and loans to insurances or a sale.

We will often refer to "artists" in this Manual. This expression would be appropriate when making the inventory of a collection of paintings or objects of art; it is less appropriate if dealing with furniture, jewellery or more generally, with items made by unknown artists. In that case it is best to broaden the significance and say, "the creator". Moreover, the link between the artist and the item is optional. The columns and files adapt themselves very easily to general references such as: "Bologna School", "Murano", "Popular Art", etc., making it possible to attach a relevant bibliography.

Encyclia-C's main object is to classify all sorts of collections and, more generally, an entire personal estate; this can contain the contents of a residence, as well as a car collection, Haute Couture, or Bonsai trees!

Listings, easy to print out from different criteria, will help to organise insurance, successions, divisions of estates, resellings or even thefts. The possibility of adding objects belonging to third parties lets you keep in mind some items of future interest to serve as a reference.

A Slide Show, in which confidential information does not appear, permits you to show the entire collection. On request, this Slide Show can be printed on a CD or be installed on a Website.

Alain Blondel, co-author and co-developer of Encyclia software:

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