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Encyclia-A | Artist's Studio software.

Encyclia-A | Artist's Studio software

Organize and archive...
Your Inventory in list form.
Description of the works.

Do your accounts...
Movements and Copyrights.
Accounting Tools...

The Address Book.
The Mail...

Manage your Contacts...
Lists according to Roles...

Prices &
Voucher for Orders

Encyclia-A Software: the Concept...

The Encyclia-Artists software is composed of two series of menus corresponding to the two aspects of an artist's business. In business terms, we could call these two aspects production and sales…

The first series of menus opens files useful for organizing and showing off your work. These are:
- An inventory describing, classing and sorting all works.
- The list of Service Providers, including framers, pedestal-makers, foundries, photographers, etc. with the work performed and cost.
- The list of Critics and their articles.
- The Bibliography, including useful texts.
- The Themes, which permit you to create links between works and recurring themes.
- The Exhibitions with price lists and press books.

The second series of menus included files handling financial transactions. These are:
- The list of Borrowers (galleries, brokers, expositions, museums).
- The list of Buyers, including their preferences.
- The list of Copyrights.
- The index of Sales/Receipts/Invoices.
- Everything needed for easy accounting.

All of the accessory needs of an artist are answered with this software.
Multiple print formats permit you to print, at any moment, forms, lists, texts, labels and accounting documents.
An address book linked to a word processor permits you to easily manage mailings of invitations and all other correspondence. Sorting tools permit you to select recipients using fine-tunes criteria.
To benefit from the many sophisticated tools contained in this program (such as the scalable price list) you should take the time to read through the user's manual at least once, following each step on your computer as you go.

Alain Blondel, co-author and co-developer of Encyclia software:

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Tel : +33 682 589 337


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